05 August 2021
Sporting Heritage Presents Sporting Fashion

Sporting organisations from across the country, including the World Rugby Museum, have put forward sporting clothes and accessories which have been brought to life through illustrations with lots of interesting facts. Enjoy and explore the range of sporting outfits!

Two new free resources

· Play the digital memory game. Can you match the sports accessories? Tap the squares to reveal the pairs! It's a race against the clock.

· Print and dress the sporting people. Choose from 5 different sports, colour in your characters, their sports clothes and accessories, then cut them out and dress them.

The sports are football, swimming, golf, athletics and equestrian.

Click here to go to the resources.

The creative resource is part of the Hidden Histories Illustrated project. Sporting Heritage is working in partnership with freelance illustrator and education consultant, Jessica Hartshorn on the Arts Council England funded initiative to celebrate women and disability in sport.