Sixth Form / Uni

The World Rugby Museum runs a number of seminars that enrich higher educational studies. The seminar programme covers studies from A Level PE to degrees in Sports Management and Business. Bespoke seminars are available upon request.

A minimum of 15 students are required to run a seminar. Seminars last for approximately 30 minutes.


Museum & tour General Admission Prices (education discounts available)
Adult £26.95
Student   (16+)
Child   (5-15)
Exceptions Free
  • Carer (assisting disabled visitor)
  • 1 supervisory adult per 10 students
  • Workshop or seminar (groups 15+ students) when booking tour/museum
  • Harlequins Hero package incurs an additional fee

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From small or large school trips to bespoke educational visits, please enquire below and we'll be happy to help.