The World Rugby Museum features interchanging exhibitions each year, offering new and exciting content covering a range of rugby related topics from around the world.

Special Exhibition

7th September 2023 - 31st October 2024

ENIGMA: THE WILLIAM WEBB ELLIS STORY Schoolboy William Webb Ellis is purported to have invented Rugby Football when he ‘picked up the ball and ran’ in 1823. But who was Webb Ellis? Did he really invent the game? And what did he do next?

Mini Exhibition

6th October 2022 - 31st October 2024

THE JIMMY PETERS STORY James ‘Jimmy’ Peters was the first black man to ever play rugby union for England, overcoming hardships, setbacks and intolerance in the process to proudly represent his nation.

Photography Exhibition

7th September 2023 - 31st August 2024

RUGBY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR See the shortlisted entrants from 2023 Rugby Photographer of the Year competition, a collaboration between the Rugby Journal and World Rugby Museum.