Stadium Tours

Visit some of the most exciting and select areas of the stadium, including the Royal Box, Players' Tunnel, and pitch-side before finishing with a visit to the World Rugby Museum.

What will I see?

The tour takes you behind the scenes to visit some of the most exciting and select areas of the Stadium.

Included in the tour are the Royal Box, Players' Tunnel and pitch-side before finishing your visit to the World Rugby Museum.

A highlight of the trip is a visit to the England Dressing Room where you will learn about the match day preparations and routines of international rugby players.

A bonus digital tour will provide a narrated history of certain areas and additional video content.

Our Tour Guides

Our tour guides are passionate volunteers with a love for rugby and each with different stories to tell. Our tours are made up of a combination of tour guide led with a digital element for bonus footage and features. To benefit from the digital element you will need to bring along your smartphone and headphones and we will ask you to scan a QR code once onsite to get access. The stadium has Wi-Fi throughout the venue which you are able to connect to via O2.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you can contact us below.