29 January 2024
Recent Educational Visit Testimonials

We're delighted to receive fantastic testimonials from education groups that visit the World Rugby Museum and enjoy our variety of educational programmes and stadium tours. If you're looking for a second opinion before securing your own educational visit, enjoy reading some of our recent reviews.

Folkstone Girls

"Extremely beneficial trip, and thoroughly enjoyable "

Lancing College Prep School

"The combination of geography, history and sport ticks a lot of curricular boxes."

Cranford House School

"The children loved the interactivity & variety of the trip. The Stadium Tour and Museum tour. Both were very interactive and excellently delivered."

Hillhouse School

"Yesterday was outstanding, thank you. The kids loved it. Definitely the best stadium tour we have done."

Trinity Seven Oaks

"We will come back again because the students really enjoyed it! Your staff and volunteers were all very welcoming, informative, helpful and knowledgeable."

Hampton Prep

"The tour was excellent and the museum was hard to pry them away from. Dr Lydia's workshop enthused the students."

Hurlingham School

"Our tour guide was fantastic. The museum provoked lots of fun. Going into the changing rooms and getting to run out to the pitch was great."

"The children loved it - it was quick enough that the children did not get too bored but we had enough time in the area. Little facts like the poppies being made of real shells was a lovely touch."

Manorside Primary

"It was a fun day out for the kids and really informative. Great to learn about the history of Rugby."

Kingsdale Foundation School

"We will bring another group of students to visit because the trip was enjoyable and educational on background of rugby"

St Andrews High School

"The Stadium Tours and time spent in the museum are what the students most enjoyed. This gave the students access to things they wouldn't normally get to experience."

"This trip really inspired the students to watch and continue to be more involved in rugby in and out of school."