From The Vaults

03 April 2017
Want to be part of Twickenham history?

The World Rugby Museum and Twickenham Stadium Tours

have been operating since 1996 and we are looking for more volunteers to join our elite team of Tour Guides. Our Tour Guides come from all walks of life and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience along with them. Here's what some of them have to say...

Phil describes guiding as "a great opportunity to share the wonderful culture of rugby...and the moving history of the stadium and the game". He enjoys meeting visitors from around the world and being part of a team of rugby enthusiasts.

Victoria loves working at the stadium because "you never know who is going to turn up on your tours.'' Whilst taking a group of young players from New Zealand on a stadium tour recently she met a lad whose parents had included 'Leicester', 'Wales' and 'Twickenham' in his full name. ''It's fair to say his father was a proper rugby fan. And to think that this boy could play for the All Blacks one day."

Chris's favourite tour guiding memory is of taking a French school around the stadium. "A young boy was carrying a small leather case with him and kept telling me it was a surprise. At pitchside at the end of the tour, he took a bugle out of the case and played the Marseillaise, the school joining in with the words. A very special moment! Even though I have given hundreds of tours, I still get a special buzz taking people around this wonderful stadium and seeing the pleasure they experience".

For more information on becoming a volunteer Twickenham Stadium Tour Guide, please email [email protected]