From The Vaults

10 February 2015
The Mysteries of 'Forever England'

Record has referenced the sacrifice of these men by casting their England roses into shadow. Further details of how the painting was created can be found here.

Since hanging inside the West Stand the painting has been observed by several thousand visitors taking part in a Twickenham Stadium tour.

This has given rise to several mysteries:

Why are two of the players not wearing the rose? Alexander Sykes (second from the left, back-row) and Francis Stone (second from right, back-row), although wearing white jerseys, are not wearing England jerseys as identified by the red rose. Stone is in fact wearing his London Counties jersey. The England France game would be these two players first and only caps for their country and they presumably wore whatever jersey were available to them. They later took to the field in the same jerseys.

What about Robert Pillman? Interestingly the gentleman in the middle of the back-row, Robert Pillman, was also making his England debut in this fixture and, although obscured, it appears that his jersey did include a red-rose. Robert Pillman was the brother of legendary English flanker Cherry Pillman who had already earned 18 caps for England, so perhaps he borrowed his brother's jersey? Tragically Robert was one of the six players who would not return from the conflict, losing his life at Gallipoli in 1915.

Why are the players wearing different coloured socks? At this time England players wore their club socks whilst on international duty. This remained the case until the sock was standardised in 1931. From this point on the England sock has been navy blue with only a few recent exceptions. As the painting is based on a black and white photograph it was a challenge for Record to identify which club socks each player would have been wearing.