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The World Rugby Museum shows a selection of short films in the John Douglas Room, with topics including the history of rugby, the development of the Rugby World Cup and rugby during the First World War. 

William Webb Ellis, Are You Mad? (1971)

To celebrate its 100th year, the Rugby Football Union commissioned this 30 minute short film. It charts the history of rugby from medieval times, through its development at Rugby School and then to Twickenham, with amusing re-enactments and interviews with the likes of Bill Ramsey, Budge Rodgers and Jim Telfer. It also documents the social side of the game and the fan experience on the terraces and in the West Car Park during the late 1960s.

The Rose and Poppy Film (2016)

Prince Harry introduces this three part film documenting the story of the rugby community in the Great War. Movingly narrated by Lewis Moody MBE, it involves a detailed look at the experiences of rugby players, from recruitment to Armistice, and features interviews with Martin Johnson, Neil Back and Harry Walker.

The World Cup Effect (2011)

Narrated by BBC Presenter John Inverdale and featuring interviews with Will Carling, Raphael Ibanez and Nick Farr-Jones, the World Cup Effect charts the history of rugby’s greatest global tournament from its origins in 1987 to 2011. Produced exclusively for the World Rugby Museum, the film can only be seen here.

England through the Decades (1996)

This film closely shadows the changing fortunes of the English team from 1871 to 1996. Featuring interviews with Clifford Gibbs, who played against New Zealand Invincible team in 1925; and Bernard Gadney who captained Prince Alexander Obolensky et al in 1936, it is a unique record of the red rose up to an including the early professional era.

Short Films

Including the Forging of the Memorial Gates (2014), One of Us (2015) and Ruckley Goes to Twickenham (2013), these short films will rotate.


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